The Great Weight Loss Challenge: Finale!

You may recall a certain challenge from Crazy Ass to lose 20 pounds before Valentine's Day, 2010...  In my mind, a ridiculous challenge turned call to action.  The result: for six weeks, in early 2010, I put myself at the top of my priority list.  Thanks to a ton of support from my family, I was able to spend two hours at the gym several times per week.  I kept the fridge stocked with healthy food.  I paid a fitness trainer to kick my butt...  something I never imagined myself doing.  In the end, YES, I lost the 20 pounds!  Did the calendar say exactly February 14 on the day the scale made my day?  Maybe not.  It might have been March 1.  It may have been March 20.  What I do know is that I had to throw out a wardrobe of size 10 clothes and replace it with size 6s.  My old bras didn't stay put - and let's face it, there was nothing left to hold up anyway!  My 14 year old squeezed my triceps and said "It doesn't feel like pudding anymore."  And I felt great.  Life was good.

So how did Crazy Ass and Little Sis do?  They each lost in the neighborhood of 10 pounds...  Also a stunning achievement.  We spent quality time together like never before.  And I heard way more than I ever wanted to about how many points are in a double-fiber english muffin.

And of course, I learned a little something from all this.  Anything is achievable with the right amount of dedication and time.  If you want something, you can have it.  Just set the goal and make a plan.  Along the way, adjust your expectations to the amount of work that is reasonable to put in.  Be good to yourself with rewards for sticking with it.  And, most importantly, we all need a Crazy Ass in our lives.  If you don't have one, get one.  You're missing out.

It wouldn't be a weight loss story without an embarassing before and an amazing after pic.  So here ya go:

Before: I think this pic does a great job showing the pudding arms!

After: That's me, on the left, without pudding arms.  I'm pictured here with Crazy Ass, right, and Tortlette 3.  We are getting ready to carb load for the 2010 Rock N Roll Denver!

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