"In Training": Canyonlands Half Marathon in Moab

I've got the shirt on...  I must be in training, right?  When the motivation fairy delivered my beautiful green training shirt the other day, I was so excited.  This was just the kick in the butt I needed!  Unfortunately, my rather large ass requires a little larger kick than that, because I have yet to get out for a run.  I know better than this.  I've been here before: the blissful food, family, and alcohol-induced hibernation state that accompanies the holidays.  I do so enjoy it...  until it's over.  My first post-holiday run will be a painful affair, followed by promises to myself that I will NEVER take a break from running over the holidays AGAIN.  Oh, the self-delusion...

December in review:
Dec 4 - 3 mi run
Dec 7 - 3 mi run
Dec 8 - 3 mi run
Dec 9 - 2 mi run
Dec 13 - 60 min on elliptical
Dec 17 - day of skiing

And I almost forgot!  I just checked my calendar and I actually did yoga on Dec 5 & 12.

The End.

Wait, does cleaning count?  I have done a little of that.

How about cooking?  Wait, most of that cooking was of food I would be ashamed of: cheesy scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, sugar cookies.  Nevermind.

Does painting count?  Yes, I think painting must be some sort of arm exercise.  My biceps most definitely have benefited from moving a brush around a canvas.  Well, at least my right one.  Yes, that's it.  Painting counts!

Bar Magenta, Milan

Dec 1 - painted "Enchanted Forest"
Dec 2 - painted "Moosicguy"
Dec 7 - painted "Enchanted Forest II"
Dec 12 - painted "Bar Magenta, Milan"
Dec 19 - painted "Tebow"

Hmmm...  Interesting.  Even counting painting, my life has been pretty bereft of physical activity since Dec 19.  Ok.  We'll just label the last 10 days "rest and recovery".   Merry Christmas to me :)!

And in closing, a big happy new year to all of you!  May your first exercise of 2012 be joyous, inspiring and free of pain!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh how I would love to run that race in Moab!!! I bet it is so scenic. I have a couple I'm considering for February/March. I'll have my goals up next week I think.

Tortoise said...

Come on out and do Moab, Lisa! I'll see ya at the finish line and we can enjoy a brew from the Moab brewery. Ah, nothin' tastes better than a good beer after a race!

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