Why Run?

Despite a less-than-stellar first half marathon attempt, Crazy Ass and I kept on running.  With the each change of season, I added a few new pieces of running gear to my collection, as the race shirts piled up.

Tortlette 1: "Mom, why do you run, anyway?  You aren't exactly...uh..."

Me: "Good at it?  Fast?"

Tortlette 1: "Ahem.  Yeah.  I mean, why do it if you aren't going to be like super-fast or anything?"

Me: "Because I enjoy it."

I finished the Other Half Marathon in 2:45 - 18 minutes faster than Canyonlands.  Two more tortlettes and hubby, Flash, came to cheer me on...

Flash:  "I don't think I could do this.  I would get so frustrated with not being the fastest one out there."

Me: "Yeah, I've had to get over any pre-conceived notions about where I rank against other runners, that's for sure."

So why run?  What's in it for me?  It definitely did not feed my competitive spirit.  It nearly killed me to see people who did not fit my idea of the athletic mold finishing ahead of me.  So why?

At first I wasn't sure.  Over time, I've come up with some thoughts...

1.  I was bored.  With myself.  Discovering an athletic me that was separate from wife, mommy and professional was something I really needed.

2.  Me, me, me!  Running is something I do for me.  During a time in my life where everyone looks to me for something, I need to do something for myself.  Running is this great escape from work, kids, cleaning....  The hour I spend running is MY TIME.

3.  Everything is better when I am running.  I am smarter, funnier, happier, healthier, skinnier, prettier (if only in my mind...)

4.  I. am. a. control freak.  So what does this have to do with running?  Here's the deal...  Once you have kids, your will is suddenly subjected to that of a tiny, little, wailing adorable being.  You are no longer in control.  If you happen to have a job like mine in which your success is very much intertwined with the ability and and willingness of others to do their jobs, let's just say a control freak like me craves something, anything, that is entirely within her control.  Running is that for me.  It is one thing in my life in which my success is soley based upon my ability and work ethic.

And so I run.  A year after that first Canyonlands Half, I finished the same course in 2:32 and then the Denver Rock 'n' Roll in 2:22.  Each race time is a function of the quality of training put in. That being the case, my times may not continue improving, but if there is a race coming up - count me in!

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